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The winery owns 55 hectares (132 acres) located high, 3,000 ft above sea level, on the hillsides near Calatayud.  These are very old vineyards; the vines were planted between 1925-1945. Old vines yield very intense, complex wines but the trade off is extremely small yields, less than 1 ton per acre for the 60-80 year old vines and less than 0.40 ton per acre for the 80-120 year old vines.


There is a range of soil types throughout the region, however most of these vineyards could be described as having gravely clay loams. The clay is at a depth that allows for the vines to obtain moisture and be dry farmed even though there is very little rainfall in the region (around 350ml per year).


Very dry continental climate. During the growing season there are high daytime temperatures moderated by cool nights due to the high altitude. Winters are cold and scant rainfall throughout the year.

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