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Angeline Winery

North Coast
In 1990, Courtney Benham was walking through an old warehouse in San Jose when he chanced upon a forgotten treasure---some 1,500 cases of library wines, dating back nearly four decades, made by California wine pioneer, Martin Ray. Feeling as if he were on an archeological dig, Courtney explored further and found several old wooden crates filled with letters, press clippings, winery brochures, and price lists from Ray’s four decades as a winemaker. Martin Ray was an innovator who rejected mediocrity and was one of the first to produce 100% varietal wines in California. Ray is also well known for developing mountainside vineyards and his use of grapes from the Santa Cruz Mountains region to make ultra-premium wines. It was clear that Martin Ray had quite a history and that here was an intriguing opportunity. Knowing the significance of his find, Courtney contacted the Ray family and purchased the entire wine library and the Martin Ray trademark.

Today, Martin Ray Winery continues the tradition of making 100% varietal wines from mountain vineyards using the same winemaking practices that made Ray a legendary figure in the wine business.

The new line of Angeline wines is composed of an array of varietals sourced from renowned California wine regions like Russian River Valley, and other notable appellations within Sonoma County; as well as Napa Valley, Mendocino County, Santa Barbara County and the Paso Robles and Santa Maria Valley wine regions.

Head winemaker, Bryan Davison, is no stranger to Sonoma County and has made wine for over twenty years. Bryan’s intuitive approach to winemaking nurtures the perfect conditions where wines develop naturally. The Angeline wines embody a commitment to produce structured, elegant wines, which are abundant with layers of fruit.

Wine & Spirits, June '06, named Angeline as one of the 15 Top American Value Brands.
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